Party Rules

Play must be safe, sane and consensual at all times.
Attendees are welcome to watch a scene, but are not allowed to join in unless explicitly invited.
All guests have the right to abstain from any activity in which they do not want to participate, and to enjoy the party free from feeling pressured into undesired play. 
Conversation near play areas should be kept to a minimum and to a low volume to avoid distracting the players. 
Pictures and recordings are strictly not allowed, except under the supervision of one of the party organizers.  The party organizer will ensure that anyone being photographed/recorded explicitly grants their permission, and that the area being captured does not contain other party guests.
As this is a spanking party, non-spanking play is generally discouraged. If any attendee finds a non-spanking oriented scene bothersome, discomforting, distracting, or just not in keeping with the spirit of the party, the scene must be discontinued upon request.
Since this is a public venue, frontal nudity is not allowed.  All party guests need to keep their cocks covered at all times.  Jockstraps, rolling down just the seat of a your underpants, or going wedgie style are acceptable ... and in fact encouraged! 
Sex and sexual acts are not allowed at the party ... and assuming everyone is following the no frontal nudity rule, sex should be impossible!
Most of all, have fun!